We see luxury as a necessity in high-quality products and as two Italian women that see the cultural richness of our homeland, we have taken that luxury and infused it into our brand. Everyone deserves to have products that take care of their skin, and have luxury products that are tailored to their lifestyle. Our quality ingredient products take the work away from skincare — it takes true commitment to care for yourself, but never again will the Pelle Skins community have to worry about finding products that work. Our passion for finding the best products with the best ingredients has inspired our promise to our customers to never forego on efficacy. To ensure we fulfill this promise, we’ve partnered with the best labs to curate high-quality formulas with superior ingredients. Pelle Skins is more than a Canadian skincare brand — it’s a community. A community of women dedicated to educating themselves on proper skincare. When you’re with Pelle Skins, you will always have the information necessary to improve your skin.



Luxury Formulas and Luxury Packaging — Without Compromising Efficacy. Pelle Skins: Where the Science of Skin meets Beauty.



Our skin is the largest organ in our body. It is the first thing others see when looking at us and is exposed to so many elements throughout the day. Taking care of our skin is not only good for our beauty but good for our health as well. Here at Pelle Skins, we’ve always been passionate about skincare and high-quality products that deliver. For too long we’ve seen a trend of companies creating sub-par products that attract consumers with their pretty packaging, foregoing efficacy for sales. We wanted to create a brand that goes above and beyond  — creating high-quality, cruelty free and natural products with luxury packaging that doesn’t compromise on its effectiveness. The science of skin is the name of our game — and educating ourselves and our community to ensure we give the best of what our skin needs is our promise to you. This is our promise. This is Pelle Skins.