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Advanced Multi-Acid Treatment


Our advanced multi-acid treatment is a purifying treatment serum that reduces sebum and clears clogged pores, fights hyperpigmentation, and reduces fine lines and wrinkles. Congested pores are addressed with Tomato Extract and Salicylic Acid while Niacinamide reduces breakouts, acne, and reduces pigmentation. This treatment serum can also be used as a spot treatment overnight and is suitable for oily/combination skin.



  • Lactic Acid — this ingredient exfoliates dead skin cells and clears pore congestion
  • Salicylic Acid — this ingredient breaks down and exfoliates dead skin cells, cleans clogged pores and prevents further congestion. It also lightens discolouration and hyperpigmentation resulting from acne



  • Tomato Extract H.GL.-M.S. is rich in vitamins and minerals that purify the skin, balances the skin’s ph, and regulates sebum. It also contains Lycopene — a powerful antioxidant — that prevents collagen deterioration and free radicals
  • Niacinamide — or Vitamin B3 — clarifies pigment and brightens skin tone, is beneficial for blemishes and dry/sensitive skin, and can be used as an anti-wrinkle treatment.


Can be used 1-2 times daily but is best used at night. Apply 1-2 drops onto clean skin before Hyaluronic Glow Serum or other moisturizers. Ensure it is fully absorbed before applying a hydrator. It can also be used as a spot treatment and pairs well with the Hyaluronic Acid Glow Serum.

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